Navigating Coronavirus with A.I. Talk Therapy

Feeling Isolated? Lonely? Stir crazy? You're not alone. Talk through your anxieties with Inwords.
Ryan McKinney | March 25, 2020

Feeling Isolated? Lonely? Stir crazy? You’re not alone. Talk through your anxieties with Inwords.

The current Coronavirus challenge that we face necessitates new problem-solving across public health, economic, geopolitical, psychological, and emotional dimensions.

The psychological and emotional impacts should not be ignored as societally we are lacking effective tools to adapt to our evolving environment.

The uncertainty around COVID-19 has taken us by surprise and through disruptions to our routine behaviors has introduced us to new fears, anxieties, stressors, and emotions.

During trying times like these, we must take a proactive stance to actively listen to, digest, and explore the new thoughts and emotions that we’re experiencing.

How can we do this?

You could talk with your loved ones, but sometimes you may be wary of amplifying their fears and anxieties.

What if your relationship with them is what you want to talk about?

Therapy is an incredible resource, though inaccessible to most Americans due to cost, convenience, and availability. Remote therapy shares similar challenges, with unclear efficacy in comparison to traditional therapy.

We need the transformational power of conversation.

We’ve crafted an experience to help you journey inwards by talking out loud with an empathetic intelligence named Remy.

Introducing A.I. Talk Therapy.

Today we’re releasing Inwords — a home for active mindfulness through A.I. Talk Therapy — to everyone, for free. We hope we can help alleviate the new anxieties created by COVID-19 through conversation.

With Inwords, you have spoken conversations, answering reflective questions to feel better, be more self-aware, and catalyze personal growth.

Your conversations are transcribed and saved, creating an evolving reflection of your subjective experience. Sort of like a modern journal!

We’ve combined the expertise of therapists and psychologists with A.I. to create a wholly new experience. Over the last week, we’ve been firing on all cylinders to create COVID-19 specific conversations.

Weathering The Storm and Your New Normal have been crafted to help you navigate the uncertainty all around you.

In our quiet beta, Remy has helped thousands of our early members practice active mindfulness to reflect and process emotions.

Our plan was to emerge from stealth later this Spring. But last week, we noticed an anomalous spike in usage.

Now, more than ever, society needs therapeutic outlets.

This is Day Zero for our team and we’d love your perspective, feedback, and support.


Ryan McKinney and the Inwords Team

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